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German teacher Mathilda Kaminski and the former shooting star among young adult authors Xaver Sand meet again as part of a school project. Sixteen years have passed since the former dream couple separated.

Birge Schade & Markus Gertken
Birge Schade & Markus Gertken © Joachim Gern

A lot has happened. Xaver's son from his marriage to a prominent hotelier's daughter was kidnapped. To this day, no trace has been found. Mathilda lives alone. It was Xaver who left her. She suffers from this to this day. Immediately they resume their storytelling game from before. Each tells the other a story. Mathilda enters dangerous territory in fiction. Xaver counters. Who has the better ending? What is behind the mysterious disappearance of little Jacob fifteen years ago? And was their reunion really a coincidence?

Thomas Krauß has dramatized Judith W. Taschler's novel congenially for two characters.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Karin Bares (Regie)
Thomas Krauß (Autor/in)
Birge Schade
Markus Gertken
Kleines Theater