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Eine Filmshow von Martha Mechow

It was a postcard with a cheap 3D effect that my sister sent me. We had not been in contact for six years. The motif she chose for this first sign of life was strange.

Volksbühne © visitBerlin, Foto Max Threlfall

A moving version of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. The outstretched hand of man, which must never touch that of God because it should not resemble it, but only resemble it, nevertheless grasped by the movement of the card that of its ruler.

His fingers resisted the determination to obey, as did mine, as they groped searchingly over the sender of the message.

Barranconi, Mother Child Resort, Sardinia.

A place where I soon found myself lying next to still stranger bodies, their feet kicking off blankets that were too warm. In a room that was intended to be a romping room, but was accidentally signposted by one of the children as a TOTOBEBE ROOM.What kind of facility was this?

With: Selma Schulte-Frohlinde, Ann Göbel, Joseph Löcker, Inga Busch, Max Grosse, Yasmin El Yassini, Leonie Jenning, Nastasya Tikhnovetskaya, Alexandra Gottschlich, Sibylle Paetow-Spinosa, Laura Carmen Storz, Jan Koslowski, Luis August Krawen, Martin Lindner, Casper Kubeng, Maila Stahl, Pál Tóth, Margarita Broich, Marco Fontana, Sebastiano Nicolai, Erik Ciocoiu, Matteo Ciocoiu, Lorenzo Barbetta, Moreno Barbetta, Helleni Gabriel Dloomy, Jonah Raphael Dloomy, Rosa Kremser, Milo Kremser, Nuka Mušikić, Coco Emilia Freund, Rosa Lemberg, Lorenzo Barbetta, Moreno Barbetta, Silvia Vercelloni, Agnese Vacca, Lorenzo Falcru, Riccardo Lanzone, Leon Klausing, Fabio Romagna, Edoardo Marchetti, Martin Lindner.

With the kind support of the Freundeskreis der HfbK, the e.V für Kunst und Familie Waldsiversdorf, Starfish GmbH, Cash for Culture and the Filmakademie Wien.
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Volksbühne - Großes Haus