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duoPlus ensemble

DIALOGHI is an interdisciplinary project between concert and lecture performance. Works by Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Charlotte Seither, Younghi Paag-Pahn, Joachim Heintz and Nikolaus Brass will be contrasted with texts by Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Clarice Lispector, Elias Canetti and Joachim Heintz.

These critical texts on interpretation and performance build a meta-level over the music, which allows us to listen to the individual responsive experience of the audience, as well as the interior world of the musicians.

The concept of DIALOGHI is to break with fixed roles. In this way, composer and writer Joachim Heintz acts on stage, while the composer and visual artist Samir Odeh Tamimi creates the scene, and the musicians of duoPlus also take the role of dramaturgs and performers.
Additional information
Accordion, Performance: Margherita Berlanda

Piano, Performance: Claudia Pérez Iñesta

Concept and dramaturgy: Claudia Pérez Iñesta

Performance: Joachim Heintz

Director: Samir Odeh-Tamimi


Supported by Musikfonds e.V. and Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin Mitte