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At the Art Design Market in Wedding, Berlin artists offer art, design, music, food & drinks and good humor.

Design Market - Berlin
Design Market - Berlin © Maxime Rabot, Designer & Founder,

The Design Market presents handmade art, screen prints, photographs, fashion, illustrations and much more. Just drop by and enjoy the cozy ambience with good food, music and French flair.


  • Jördis Hirsch | Prints from Berlin with heart and snout
  • La Météo | Berlin french print label. Botanics & Seasons. Nostalgia & Nouvelle Vague
  • Scattolon | Screenprint
  • Sellitti | Analogue photography
  • Choi | Digital print product such as poster & post card
  • Bingmachine | We make everything in neon colors to spread positive thoughts
  • Studio_Hoon | Paintings on prints
  • TN | Screenprints about the human condition
  • Jilli Darling | Fine art prints, original paintings
  • Kervoelen | Illustrations, colorful architecture with watercolours
  • Bénony | Paper printed artworks & screenprinted costume masks for adults and kids
  • HE | Dark avant-garde fashion
  • My Woolen Friends | Hand felted, woolen decorations
  • whyalix | Exploring Cyberpunk and dystopian Metaverse through good old analog printing
  • Badass Prints | Clothes, accessories and stationery
  • Bélaplume | Screenprinted fashion
  • Dorozeichnet | Drawings on postcards and screenprints
  • Nina Kaun | Illustration, collage, screenprinting
  • 1 9 7 9 SWIMWEAR | Sustainable Womens Swimwear
  • Les petits pois sont verts | Handmade bags and purses from Berlin
  • DYSLEXIQ | Bags made with high quality leather offcuts from the car industry
  • Ruby on tuesday | Goldsmithing meets graphics...geometry, favorite colors and finest silkscreen prints on high quality bronze
  • greyed view | greyed view is a photo collection, available as fine art prints on recycled paper (limited edition) and posters
  • C+ Conscious Cuisine | Vegan Cinnamon Buns
  • Live music with Fanfare Gertrude
  • Drinks and a lot of FUN!
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