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Fairy tale - really grim!

The devil with the three golden hairs

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren & Rotkäppchen
Daniel Wetzel

Everything turns out well for the child born in the sky in a lucky skin: what a divine prophecy! But no reckoning ever works without the devil. Heaven and hell fight savagely over the fate of the lucky child: like Moses, it is exposed to wild floods, like Hamlet it becomes the messenger of its own death sentence and gondolas with Charon across the river of hell.

He converts merciless robbers to compassion, solves the world riddles of the Sphinx and even survives hell deep in the folds of the old ellermother... A pure mystery spectacle, the ultimate Faust - as a battle between God and Devil ignited in a baroque-chaotic world fairy tale including a showdown in hell!

Little Red Riding Hood

What a neat girl, all walking innocence, what could possibly go wrong....  Well, we were urged to remove this fairy tale from the children's program: Agitated parents had too much to explain to their charges afterwards. If you read it aloud, it is quite edifying. What one thinks about it remains private. But one carries it out word-for-word, it becomes explosive. Because this wolf has indeed only one thing in mind: ... - Right, the grandmother, what did you think? And how does he devour her in bed?

Correct: With a single swallow, we'll be happy to play that for you. No one, not even the audience, walks out of this fairy tale as sinlessly virginal as they walked in. Let yourself be tempted with Little Red Riding Hood, get off the beaten path for a change, and discover the wolf inside you!


(Program in German)
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Pfefferberg - Glaspalast