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Comedy by Audrey Schebat

A couple close to their silver wedding anniversary has invited a couple who are friends to dinner. Shortly before the date, the mutual friend cancels the dinner. Their home has been burgled and, what's more, he can't reach his wife. Slightly irritated, the hosts begin to speculate about what the real reason for the cancellation is - a car breakdown or perhaps even a breakup?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Der Sittich
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The latter is at least their theory: Katharina has left David, which her husband thinks is completely out of the question! Gradually they get into a passionate discussion about their friends, but ultimately about themselves and their own relationship. It quickly becomes clear that he likes to give free rein to his penchant for "Herrklärungen". She counters with an ostensible naiveté that increasingly proves to be insidious.

With a fine sense for the absurdly funny everyday life of couple relationships, the play gleefully turns conventional role models on their head and thus celebrated a great success at the premiere at the Théâtre de Paris.

(Program in German)
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Participating artists
Leyla-Claire Rabih (Übersetzer/in)
Audrey Schebat (Autor/in)
Frank Weigand (Übersetzer/in)
Karin Bares
Matthias Freihof
Eva Mannschott