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Rimini Protokoll (Helgard Haug) & Theater HORA

“All right, I’ll do the test once more, to make certain”, says Azdak the judge, before he asks the child to step once more into the chalk circle and calls again on the two mothers to prove which of them is the real one. It is the most familiar scene in the play: a legend, a “very old one”.

The outcome of the test is also well known, with the child going to the more “motherly” woman rather than its biological mother. But what if the child is given the choice? Which one should the child choose? And is that it? Can this “old legend” be told by performers who will probably never have children and rely on others for their care?

The artists of Theater HORA bring their own rules with them. New rules have to be invented together. Think about how a fresh start is an opportunity. Notice how everything changes when one’s gaze settles on it. See how words fall on fertile ground. Are there more than two options? Who else is there to choose from? “All right, I’ll do the test once more.”

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Additional information
Participating artists
Remo Beuggert (Mit)
Robin Gilly (Mit)
Simone Gisler (Mit)
Minhye Ko (Mit)
Tiziana Pagliaro (Mit)
Simon Stuber (Mit)
Rimini Protokoll (Konzept, Textfassung & Regie)
Helgard Haug (Konzept, Textfassung & Regie)
Barbara Morgenstern (Komposition)
Laura Knüsel (Bühne)
Marc Jungreithmeier (Video- & Lichtdesign, Kinetik)
Christine Ruynat (Kostüme)
Rozenn Lièvre (Sounddesign)
Ivna Žic / Marcel Bugiel (Dramaturgie)
Magdalena Neuhaus (Theaterpädagogik)
Patrick Tucholski (Technische Leitung)
Maitén Arns (Produktionsleitung)
Sven Neumann (Produktionsleitung Salzburger Festspiele)
Jörg Schwahlen (Produktionsleitung Theater HORA)
Curdin Casutt (Gesamtleitung Theater HORA)
Louise Stölting (Tourmanagement)
Clara Bender (Regieassistenz)
Svenja Koch (Theaterpädagogik Endproben)
Noah Beeler (Theaterpädagogik Endproben)