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Shakespeare Company Berlin

What's funny about this comedy? "A comedy is a tragedy without corpses". Only according to this definition can the "Merchant of Venice" be called a comedy.

Shakespeare lets the audience experience impressively, as usually only in the royal dramas, how social being shapes consciousness. A modern state, which sees itself as a place of humanism, threatens to fail because of its own rules.

The Shakespeare Company Berlin sees exciting parallels to today's Europe and ventures far into the political realm. Using the tried and tested means of rapid transformation, comedic, popular play and music, they examine the difficult relationship between individual right and state reason and make a sensual plea for the power of grace that arises from love.
Additional information
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Participating artists
Miriam Braunstein (Bühne)
Michael Günther (Regie)
Raimund Klaes (Licht&Technik)
Gabriele Kortmann (Kostüm)
Christian Leonard (Übersetzung)
Tamara Zenn (Maske)
Kim Pfeiffer
Vera Kreyer
Benjamin Plath
Stefan Plepp
Oliver Rickenbacher
Thilo Herrmann