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zur Sonderausstellung "Klasse und Masse. Die Welt griechischer Tonfiguren"

The image of white marble still shapes our idea of ancient art. But in fact, ancient buildings and statues were colorful. In the guided tour, you will trace remnants of ancient colorfulness on architecture and sculpture. In the special exhibition "Class and Mass. The World of Greek Clay Figures" you will explore almost completely preserved paintings of ancient clay figures.

  • Limited number of participants. Online booking required.
  • Participation fee incl. admission: 15 €
  • Participation fee with valid admission ticket (annual pass, sponsoring association, ICOM, etc.): 10 €
Please note the current information for visitors valid on the day of the event during the Corona pandemic.

(Program in German)
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Price info: Teilnahmegebühr inkl. Eintritt: 15 €, Teilnahmegebühr mit gültigem Eintrittsticket (Jahreskarte, Förderverein, ICOM etc.): 10 €

Booking: booking/prior registration essential