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Solange Salvá und John Mc Cam

Demeter, the ancient goddess of fertility and agriculture, was the godmother of the eponymous  exhibition by textile designer Solange Salvà (*1987) and artist John Mc Cam (*1984). In their site-specific installations, they negotiate questions about the sustainability of exhibition practices and everyday culture in Europe and South America. With Deméter, they take the place of the 

deity and create totems and sanctuaries from different perspectives using ecological fabrics,  materials and light.

We are invited to question the form and function of aesthetic properties in our highly visualized lives and an environment - not only in downtown Spandau - clearly dominated by visual stimuli. 

Can color take on form? Is there a form without color and light? And how can the last mentioned  influence sensations and behaviors in our daily lives?

In Deméter, sustainable spatial installations and contemporary textile design interpenetrate;  hard edge painting is interwoven with traditional Indo-American clothing made from ecological materials. At the interface of art and design, Mc Cam and Salvá create alternative concepts of artistic production and call for a rethinking.

Saturday, September 2nd from 4 to 8 p.m.

Slow Sounds - Guest Artist Dara Smith
Video, XR, sound design and electronic compositions

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