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How policymakers use science to look into the future

Going on a date with tomorrow’s democracy: In the eighth edition of the talk series, we’ll be discussing with our experts and you how scientific forecasts can be used to support policymakers.

How will we be getting along in 2050? What will our democratic life together look like in the world of tomorrow? And what crises should we be preparing for today?

A whole range of answers is possible, stretching from idealised conceptions full of hope all the way to bleak doomsday scenarios. The fact that anything seems possible poses major challenges for policymakers today. They need to prepare for a broad spectrum of possible futures.

This is why policymakers often rely on scientific forecasts. Our guests will explain how these forecasts for the future are created, and, in particular, which data and players are (currently) taken into account – and which are not. We’ll be talking about how this knowledge of the future is integrated into political decision-making processes and how it influences the relationship between science and democracy.



-> Dr. Gesine Märtens, State Secretary at the Saxon State Ministry of Justice, Democracy, European Affairs and Gender Equality

-> Ingo Kollosche, Head of Research Futures Studies and Transformation, IZT – Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment

-> Ouassima Laabich, PhD Candidate (Freie Universität Berlin / Yale University), Initiator / Project lead Muslim Futures, Superrr Lab



-> Florian Prokop, Journalist and Moderator



In our event series “Dating Democracy”, we want to discover the democracy of tomorrow and fall in love again with the world’s most beautiful and complicated form of government – not only turning over problems in our minds, but pondering how we can master the future together.

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot to do, because – as in any relationship – the motto is “work, work, work”. We therefore invite our visitors to get actively involved. After all, it’s a relationship for life – for better or worse!



-> Venue: Forum

-> The video to the event will be available on YouTube lateron.

-> The event is free of charge.

-> Event language: German

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-> We are a wheelchair accessible venue.

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-> An induction loop system is available.

-> People with visual impairments are welcome. We will request guide dog assistance if you need it.

-> The event addresses interested people of all ages.

The future is for everyone! The Futurium wants to be accessible to everyone.

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Meeting point: Forum