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Public Administration – Bottleneck and engine of democracy

Taking a number, waiting forever for
your turn or even finding you can’t get an appointment – who hasn’t
experienced this? Our day-to-day contacts with official bureaucracy
don’t leave us feeling much like we’re living in the future and more
often leave us thinking we’ve just gone through something rather
gruelling and nerve-wracking.

True, bureaucracy doesn’t exactly encourage an atmosphere of an emergence into a new era.Nevertheless, public administration plays an important role in democracies: it puts into effect political projects that have been decided upon. Mobility transition or climate targets – everything ultimately depends on how it’s administered by the bureaucracy. However, to date, the administrators have mostly been operating behind closed doors and at a pace that many find far too slow. They’re associated with a silo mentality, strong hierarchies and fax machines. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

In fact, studies have shown that many people are dissatisfied not so much with democracy itself as with the way it functions.And this means our public administration desperately needs an update! Together with our guests and you, we want to pull public administration out of the dusty corner and discuss what a version suitable for the future might look like: how can public administration become more open and transparent in the future? How can it facilitate more participation? What innovative approaches and concrete practical examples already exist? And what can digitalisation contribute in this regard?




  • Venue: Forum
  • The event is free of charge.
  • The video of the event will also be available on YouTube later.
  • Event language: German
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