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Just past midlife. Last year, the performer's parents died. As he clears out the house of his childhood and youth, he tries to remember. What was it like to be young?  What images, smells, scraps of words, feelings, dreams, from back then come to the surface in this increasingly empty wooden house in a small village in Bavaria.

Martin Heesch in das haus ist leer
Martin Heesch in das haus ist leer © Perdo Colmar

"I imagine what it will be like when I disappear forever one day. What will the place I leave to my loved ones look like?"

Actor Martin Heesch worked with director Stefan Kreißig to develop this nearly hour-long evening. The two artists try to find a way to deal with the emptiness that the death of loved ones leaves behind. In doing so, they also go in search of the comforting, loving and funny aspects that are evoked by the open confrontation with one's own becoming and passing away.

Performance by Martin Heesch (play), Stefan Kreissig (direction) | Duration approx. one hour.

The work was made possible by the Fonds darstellende Künste and the GVL (work grants) within the framework of "Neustart Kultur".
Brotfabrik Kino
Brotfabrik Kino