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In 2015, the whole world celebrated the 100th birthday of the great French singer Edith Piaf. During her lifetime she was called "the soul of the French people". The songs of her repertoire are still sung on stages all over the world. Many books have been written about her and several films have been made. To the numerous questions of journalists about the meaning of life, the famous singer answered thus: "Love. What else?".

"Das bin ich - Edith Piaf" - Mono-Performance
"Das bin ich - Edith Piaf" - Mono-Performance Promo

Actress and singer Anastasia Weinmar with pianist Andrei Diakov present the tragic story of the life, love and death of the great singer, a child of the Parisian gutter, in her musical monologue. The chansons of the famous Piaf are sung live in the production by Anastasia Weinmar.

"That's me - Edith Piaf" - mono-performance

Anastasia Weinmar, acting & singing Andrei Diakov, piano

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