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1st Part of the War Trilogy

»I am accustoming my eye to blood,« Georg Büchner writes while working on Dantons Tod (Danton’s Death). The phase of the French Revolution known as the Terror. The Committee of Public Safety executes all opponents of the revolution. Danton wants to end the killing; Robespierre wants to continue pursuing the revolution’s objectives with the bloody tyranny of the guillotine.

Both have blood on their hands. As the loser of the dispute, Danton is sacrificed. In the end, 40,000 people will be murdered during the Terror – including Robespierre.

And Iphigenia? She is supposed to be the first casualty of the Trojan War. Because this military campaign begun out of male vanity cannot get underway until Agamemnon has sacrificed his daughter.

Oliver Frljić combines the two plays and asks, what are we prepared to sacrifice and to what end?

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Yanina Cerón
Kenda Hmeidan
Vidina Popov
Oliver Frljić
Katrin Wolfermann
Daniel Regenberg
Johannes Kirsten