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Support: Radkey

The Canadian kings of rock 'n' roll are back. The trio Danko Jones has dedicated itself to the rock art of riffs, melodies and rock anthems and is ready to put their new album "Electric Sounds" in front of the fans. Because that's the name of the new album, which will be released in September.

Danko Jones was formed in Toronto in 1996. Driven by the spirit of DIY punk rock and inspired by rock 'n' roll, they have continuously accumulated a huge international fan base and have become one of the most acclaimed live bands.

Frontman Danko Jones and bassist John Calabrese have been teaming up with drummer Rich Knox for over a decade, and they've once again shifted up a gear.

In 2023, Toronto's rock kings will release their eleventh album, Electric Sounds. The first preliminary track with the clear title "Guess Who's Back" is already circulating.

The band continues to hone their craft at full volume. Danko Jones mainly rock live. Now it's time to let the rockers back on stage and bring the fat riff rock back to Berlin together with the American punk rockers from Radkey as support.

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