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Five Thikwa ensemble members each choreograph one external guest dancer along the lyric line of a well-known song. And then? The quiz show begins!

Musically fueled by DJ Grace Kelly and charmingly supervised by presenters, the audience must vote to find the right music for the movements of the solos. DANCE LOVES MUSIC LOVES DANCE is an excursion into the mainstream and at the same time a change of perspective and interaction on many levels.

It is about ever new encounters between actors and spectators and the boundless desire to play. An evening in community, searching for things that make you happy. With music and dance.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Addas Ahmad (Von und mit)
Debrecina Arega (Von und mit)
Anna Athanasiou (Von und mit)
Adamou Bance (Von und mit)
Kaveh Ghaemi (Von und mit)
Lia Massetti (Von und mit)
Filimatou Lim (Von und mit)
Anne-Sophie Mosch (Von und mit)
Tim Petersen (Von und mit)
Brit Rodemund (Von und mit)
DJ Grace Kelly (Musik)
Modjgan Hashemian (Idee/Konzept/Choreografie-Coach)
Farzad Akhavan (Bühne)
Cristina Lelli (Kostüm)
Asier Solana (Licht)
Michele Meloni (Trainingsleitung + Assistenz)
Holger Duhn (Technik)
Eric Scheller (Technik)
Nele Sattler (Praktikantin)