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ROOT & BLUE Session

D-Drones DUNKELKLANG tells captivating sound stories and lets a kaleidoscope of colours resound. DUNKELKLANG presents a powerful fusion of rhythm, sound and silence live on stage. On Sunday, 14 January 2024, the trio will return to the Maschinenhaus at Berlin's Kulturbrauerei with the "ROOT & BLUE Session".

DUNKELKLANG invites you into the sound laboratory: powerful, meditative and rhythmic with familiar to innovative sounds. A concert journey that immerses you in images and sound stories.

The ROOT & BLUE session explores the sources of archaic sounds and brings the subtle nuances of overtones and undertones to life. The mission of this session is to merge the original acoustic sounds with modern sound technology.

DUNKELKLANG are Angelica Paulic, Alejandro Blau and Sören Birke. The trio skilfully moves between silence and a fusion of sounds ranging from glass tubes, didgeridoo, jew's harp and accordion to steel tounge drum, harmonica and duduk.

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Angelica Paulic
Alejandro Blau
Sören Birke