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Staged photography

The curtain falls! From everyday life we know the feeling of wearing a certain mask. In this workshop, the participants jointly address the question: who am I and who do I want to be?

KEY VISUAL Inszenierte Fotografie - Workshop im C/O Berlin
KEY VISUAL Inszenierte Fotografie - Workshop im C/O Berlin © C/O Berlin Foundation

It is about approaching one's own self-image. This is often a staging and is subject to fluctuations – depending on the state of the day. With the help of staged photography, it is possible to slip into completely foreign roles, to transform oneself into someone else or to emphasize and exaggerate a very specific personal characteristic.

Under professional conditions the handling of light, background and costume is taught and with the help of accessories, wigs or make-up the transformation is perfectly staged.

Age 14-18 years
Additional information
Price info: 50 euro, please bring a packed lunch

Price: €50.00

Booking: Frauke Menzinger
C/O Berlin (im Amerika-Haus)
C/O Berlin (im Amerika-Haus)