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through the exhibition “Solidarize yourselves! Black resistance and global anti-colonialism in Berlin, 1919–1933"

Berlin after the First World War. The city is becoming a postcolonial metropolis in a largely colonial world: migrants from Germany's revoked colonies in Africa stay here. The city is a magnet for actors from Africa, Asia and the Arab world. Coming from various colonial contexts, they become politically active, form anti-colonial alliances, demand independence for their countries of origin, and resist racism.

What did this topography of anti-colonial Berlin look like? What freedom did it allow? Where did networks of international solidarity reach their limits? And what remained of anti-colonial Berlin? The tour through “Solidarize Yourself!” addresses these questions, highlights key events, personalities and places and traces the historical moments of anti-colonial Berlin.

Participation free of charge. Please register by phone at 030-90 29 24 106 or via email museum[at] If there are free places, spontaneous participation is also possible.
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Booking: Participation free of charge. Please register by telephone on 030-90 29 24 106 or via e-mail museum[at] Spontaneous participation is also possible if places are available.