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After the South African artist Cornè Theron showed her solo exhibition AQUA in May 2023 in Kassel, she is now coming to Berlin. From 13 to 22 July, you can see her pixel technique paintings at the gallery Der Bilderladen.

Current paintings and two digital artworks from her popular swimmer series have been selected for the exhibition. The main theme, as the exhibition title reveals, is water.

Cornè Theron sees water as a metaphor of the subconscious. Just as people are limited in their vision under water, they are also limited in their view of their subconscious. Much appears blurred and imprecise, not really delimitable. Theron focuses on the universality of these impressions: almost everyone has had these experiences when trying to see underwater. Likewise, everyone also knows the undefined memories of blurred spaces or imaginings. Theron depicts these connections in her art.

Her concise pixel technique has a high recognition value and can now be admired in a personal atmosphere in the gallery not far from the Ku'damm.
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Opening hours:

Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00
Sat 12:00-16:00