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30 days, 90 events, 45 venues - for four weeks, the month of contemporary music offers exciting events all over Berlin. Whether music theatre, KIangkunst, real-time music or improvisation, Berlin's contemporary music scene presents itself in all its diversity in September.

Berlin is considered one of the most exciting cities for contemporary music.

The variety of currents meeting here as well as the density of events is impressive all year round. Together with Berlin ensembles, artists and organisers, the Contemporary Music Month presents this diversity in 30 festival days: from established ensembles in concert halls to newcomers in clubs, everything is represented. In addition, the artists will provide insights into creative processes in workshops and discussion rounds.

Participating groups, orchestras, collectives and ensembles:

Bayerisches Staatsorchester • Berliner Philharmoniker • Contagious • duo santorsa~pereyra •
Ekmeles • Ensemble Apparat • Ensemble Dissonart • Ensemble KNM Berlin • Ensemble Modern
• Ensemble Mosaik • Ensemble New Babylon • FrauVonDa • gamut inc •
Lange//Berweck//Lorenz • Instantaneous Music Ensemble • Konzerthausorchester Berlin •
LUX:NM • Marc Sinan Company • MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik • maulwerker • Mouse
on Mars • Novoflot • Paroxysm • Psychedelic Choir • Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin • SO
SNER • Staatskapelle Berlin • Supernovæ • VanProject • Zafraan Ensemble •
Zapparoli/Hofmann/Lorenz • Zinc & Copper • and many more.

Venues involved:

Akademie der Künste • Atelierhof Kreuzberg • ausland • Ballhaus Ost • BHROX bauhaus reuse •
BKA-Theater • Cashmere Radio • Errant Sound • exploratorium berlin • Teilelager
FAHRBEREITSCHAFT • Holzmarkt • Heizhaus • KM28 • Elisabethkirche • Kühlspot Social Club •
Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche • Labor Neunzehn • Morphine Raum • Philharmonie Berlin •
Musikbrauerei • silent green Kulturquartier • Spreehalle Berlin • Theater im Delphi • Tischlerei
der Deutschen Oper Berlin • Villa Elisabeth • West Germany • and many more.

Participating festivals and series:

biegungen im ausland • Partners in Crime – Contagious Concert Series • Das Festival für
Selbstgebaute Musik • Fluid Form Club • KNM’s sound magazine • LABOR SONOR • Musikfest
Berlin • PANTOPIA FESTIVAL • Sonic Art Bar • Time to Listen. Die ökologische Krise in Klang und
Musik • Unerhörte Musik
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