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The regional market DIE DICKE LINDA becomes a stage for small market concerts once a month from May to September. These special market editions - also called MusikLINDA's - have already become a tradition since 2017 and take place every 2nd Saturday of the month.

For Nikolaus Fink, market organizer and owner of diemarktplaner, the neighborhood concerts are an integral part of the DICKEN LINDA in the warm months: "It's just wonderful then: you sit in the sun, meet friends and family, taste street food and listen to the live music. The music LINDA's are a bit like a short vacation - chilling out in the middle of Neukölln." The fact that Berlin bands play here fits in wonderfully with the relaxed market flair on Neukölln's Kranoldplatz, the market planner thinks.

On Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the regional market DIE DICKE LINDA offers vegetables, fish, cheese, flowers, street food, cappuccino and Co. - and 2023 on the following market days starting at 12 o'clock also live music:

  • 13.05 - K-BAP & Luca
  • 10.06. - Ben Lehmann Duo
  • 08.07. - Charlie & friends
  • 12.08. - Sarabande
  • 09.09. - Richard & Charlie