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DANA SHANTI, a talented singer from Berlin, finds inspiration for her touching songs on the piano. Her voice and expressiveness are often described as a unique blend of Sade and Joni Mitchell. With her deep yet dynamic and velvety soul, she aspires to the heights of these great artists without losing her own individuality and edge.

In her mostly English-language songs, she sings about the light in the dark, the search and the constant change, and of course love. Her poetic and timeless lyrics are always provided with a pinch of humor and take the listener on a melodic journey to a faraway homeland.

The duo "INCEPTION" consists of the singer Amanda Kapsch and the pianist Igor Zavatckii. Her debut album I'm Glad There's You, released in 2020, has already garnered a lot of attention. They dedicated themselves to re-arranging jazz standards with their unique sound.

They are currently working on their new album, the title of which is still a closely guarded secret. The duo "Inception" enchants with top-class songwriting and a unique sound that combines elements of jazz, trip-hop and soul. Their music touches deeply, both through the English lyrics and through the musical depth.

Like an excellent wine, the music of "Inception" invites you to fall into it and let yourself be carried away by it. Her style is stylish, authentic and masterful.