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Philippe Manoury

With the start of the new season, the Barenboim-Said Academy invites you to a new edition of the Composers’ Club. In this series of seminars and discussions, some of the most important composers of our time present their works.

Each event consists of a preparatory seminar for academy students, which is dedicated to dealing with the scores and individual aspects of the music, and a public live conversation with the guest.

On October 28th, Stephan Winkler, professor of composition and theory, welcomes the French composer Philippe Manoury. The reason for Manoury's visit is the concert by the Boulez Ensemble under the direction of François-Xavier Roth the following evening, in which two of his works can be heard.

Philippe Manoury is considered a pioneer in the field of music with live electronics. Born in 1952 and trained at the Paris Conservatoire, among others, he has been closely associated with IRCAM in Paris, founded by Pierre Boulez, since the beginning of the 1980s, where he developed the programming language known today as Max/MSP together with Miller Puckette. In addition to music with live electronics, his catalog of works also includes four string quartets, large-format orchestral compositions and various forms of musical theater. In September 2012, The Well-Prepared Clavier for piano and live electronics by Daniel Barenboim was premiered in the Pierre Boulez Saal. In English.

Admission is free, registration is required.
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