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The fun city tour across the capital city

Get on board, drive off, laugh! Just get on the ComedyBus and go on a rolling comedy show. This sightseeing tour trains the laughing muscles During this funny city tour, changing comedians with humor, funny facts about the capital, funny actions, games and singing provide fun and good humor. A must for everyone who wants to get to know the city in a humorous way.

Brandenburger Tor vom Platz des 18. März aus gesehen
Brandenburger Tor vom Platz des 18. März aus gesehen © visumate

ComedyTour Berlin

For over 10 years, the laughing city tour has been rolling through the streets of Berlin and there is no stopping it!

On the rides are alternately Cem Ali Gültekin, André Kaiser, Tina-Maria Aigner, Kjel Fiedler or Phillip Lang live.

See and laugh at:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag
  • Potsdamer Square
  • Chancellery
  • and other Berlin landmarks

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Friday: 20.30

Saturday: 18.00

Please gather at the meeting point approx. 15 minutes before departure

Meeting point: Friedrichstraße / corner Ziegelstraße, 10117 Berlin

Note: Please do not wait directly in front of the doors of the Friedrichstadtpalast. A member of staff with a red ComedyTour flag will meet the bus passengers.