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The documentary Coltan Fever: Connecting People follows Yves Ndagano, former child soldier and worker in a coltan mine in Congo. It shows how he travels back to the places of his childhood, where he confronts his traumatic past. The film will be followed by a discussion with one of the directors.

"We all carry a piece of Congo in our pockets - our smartphones."

With the help of a wooden puppet, Yves Ndagano manages to express the unspeakable. He meets his former kidnappers and his family, who rejected him for a long time, and tries to find out what connection there is between his fate and the global trade in raw materials. For the struggle for raw materials and the accompanying exploitation of the local people continues to shape the region.

The film will be followed by a discussion with Jan-Christoph Gockel, who directed the film together with TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo. The event takes place in the context of the production Der Auftrag by Heiner Müller / Psyche 17 by Elemawusi Agbédjidji.
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