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Eventually, singer Jess Eastwood and guitarist Steph Norris decided to form their own band. It quickly became clear to the two that their connection was something special and that they complemented each other perfectly in terms of songwriting. Guitarist Joe Perry and drummer Guy Page were soon added, and Coach Party's line-up was complete.

In 2019 her first single "Oh Lola" was released and several EPs followed. In September, the long-awaited debut album "KILLJOY" will finally be released. Musically, the quartet is inspired by many artists, but always returns to old legends such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth or The Strokes and incorporates influences from contemporary artists such as Wolf Alice, The Big Moon or Tame Impala. Coach Party leave their home island for the big wide world for their debut tour.

Coach Party are coming to Berlin in November.

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