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A Mixed-Reality-Performance by Harald Stojan

Cloud Chamber is a mixed-reality-performance, using Oculus Quest 2 glasses, for a free moving audience and three performers by Harald Stojan.

Set in a virtual environment, encompassing a nuclear waste repository destined to remain radioactive for approximately 100.000 years, the performance delves into the challenge of conveying instructions to future generations regarding the maintenance, origin and secure sealing of these nuclear storage sites.

Languages might be forgotten, signs might not be understood, lifeforms might not be human.

Leveraging a specially designed software for VR glasses, an immersive multichannel surround sound system, as well as somatic movement and extended voice scores, this performance endeavors to immerse the audience inside a forcefield between the organic and inanimate that tampers with the imperceptible.

Location: DOCK 11, Saal 4

event presented by DOCK 11 digital



Additional information
Concept, choreography, 3D, sound, music and performance: Harald Stojan

Performance and co-creation: Marlen Pflüger, Nicola Micallef

Creative technology & 3D: Bariş Pekcagliyan, Warja Rybakova, Irina Shutova

Costume design: Nicolas Navarro Rueda

Research support: Omi, Lavinia Vago

Supported by DOCK 11 digital