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What significance do visual evidence such as photographs have as historical sources of the Holocaust? Especially when contemporary witnesses can no longer tell their life stories? Archives, museums and memorial sites make important contributions to the work of remembrance. Artistic perspectives help to approach the topics.

In the event series CLOSE UP! Experts from different disciplines take on topics from the exhibition “Flashes of Memory. Photography in the Holocaust” comes into focus. They provide insights into their work and invite the audience to discuss and reflect.

Participation free of charge.

No registration needed.

Limited number of participants.

A special exhibition by Yad Vashem in cooperation with the Art Library - State Museums in Berlin and the Friends of Yad Vashem e.V.

The extensive education and mediation program is supported by: Federal Agency for Civic Education, Sal. Oppenheim Foundation and Volkswagen Group.

(Program in German)
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