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Shout out in joy

The young Polish mezzo-soprano Natalia Skrycka (see photo), soloist at the Berlin State Opera, and musicians of the Staatskapelle will play festive, contemplative and at the same time hopeful music in anticipation of Christmas. With works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Handel, among others, through to Romanticism, they will bring the audience in the mood for Christmas with music.

Mezzosopranistin Natalia Skrycka
Mezzosopranistin Natalia Skrycka Beim Mazhiqi

The performers are: Natalia Skrycka (mezzo-soprano), Christiane Weise (flute), Darya Varlamova (violin), Claire Henkel (cello), Christine Tschirge (harpsichord/piano) and Matthias Glander (clarinet and moderation).
Kulturhaus Karlshorst