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The "Civic City" series of talks, which will also be broadcast live as a podcast and video stream, brings artists, urbanists and organizers together to discuss current and future forms of coexistence, work and participation in Berlin explore and imagine new forms.

The first episode Planning/Decision/Accountability discusses how decisions are made and how urban processes are planned. It is asked how different interest groups are integrated into the planning process, how people react to the needs of the population and where the starting point for change processes lies. The representation of minority cultures and the voices of those excluded from these processes are also examined.

GUESTS: Tina Müller (Protestoper Lauratibor), Christof Mayer (co-founder of Raumlabor Berlin and guest professor at the UdK Berlin)

PRESENTER: Fetewei Tarekegn. Music by Öz Kaveller

Language: English with German translation
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