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The Körnerkiez - a gem in Neukölln

Located in a former gravel pit in Neukölln, Körnerpark is a horticultural gem. In the listed park there is a municipal gallery and a cafe. The park invites you to stay longer.

In the entertaining and informative Kieztour, the origin of the neighborhood is discussed, interesting places in the neighborhood are shown, and current developments in the neighborhood are discussed.

The park's namesake, Franz Körner, is discussed in detail. And the question is answered why he owned several stuffed crocodiles.

City guide Reinhold Steinle has been leading tours through the Neukölln neighborhoods for 15 years now.

Tickets: 10 euros per person, reduced 7 euros (students, ALG II).

Duration: 90 minutes

(Program in German)
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Reinhold Steinle