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City tour for teenagers from 14 years

What still reminds us today of the persecution and deportation of Berlin Jews? Traces of history are, for example, the memorial plaque for Otto Weidt at the Museum Blindenwerkstatt, the memorial in Rosenstraße, where the largest spontaneous protest against the deportation of Jews took place in 1943, the memorial "The Abandoned Room" at Koppenplatz, the memorial stone in Große Hamburger Straße and many "Stolpersteine" embedded in the ground.

© Anne Frank Zentrum Berlin, Foto: Mandy Kloetzer

The city tour also leads into the present: for example, to the former "Jewish Free School", which has been operated again by the Jewish community as a Jewish High School since 1993. The city tour leads to various places of the history of Jewish life in Berlin. Among others, to the Große Hamburger Straße, where the Jewish community had a home for the elderly built in the mid-19th century, which was later closed by the Gestapo and turned into a collection camp for deportations; or to the nearby St. Hedwig's Hospital, where several persecuted Jewish people found refuge.

There is much for young people and adults to discover in this search for traces.

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(Program in German)
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