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Young talent competition 2023

The winners of the 2023 Young Architects Competition "Stadt im Wandel - Stadt der Ideen" have been announced: Under this year's current motto "Housing in Berlin and Brandenburg: affordable, organic, barrier-free", the Young Architects 2023 platform once again called on all creative minds to get their unbuilt, unrealized designs for the housing category out of the drawers and off the walls, preferably no older than three years.

The selected, award-winning works will be presented at a round table talk and you are cordially invited to join in the discussion and celebration. The event will be moderated by architect Yasser Almaamoun.

Whether circular construction is being tested in a residential building in Berlin, or the problem of redensification of single-family housing areas on the outskirts of Berlin is being addressed, an extension of a prominent residential slab on Alexanderplatz is also possible; in the "uncomfortable village", current housing standards are critically questioned - the range of submitted and award-winning works is once again diverse and creative this year.

The jury members Jana Richter, Alexander Stumm, Anna Okon and Lea Condé-Wolter will honor the winners with their works at the round table talk.