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For the exhibition “Musica di Strada” in the Pankow Museum, film journalist Knut Elstermann from radioeins presents a very personal selection of films by Federico Fellini, one of the greatest Italian film directors. The films all have a connection to music and the circus, to the fairs and the jugglers, to the colorful world that fascinated Fellini throughout his life.

Before each performance, Knut Elstermann talks to Italian artists living in Berlin about the respective film, but also about their experiences and their life in the city.

Surprise film
At the end of the Fellini series, one of his most beautiful works is shown as a surprise film, a summation of his life, his motifs and themes, filled with exuberant memories of childhood and youth, political, poetic and sensual - the whole Fellini in one film.

Guest of the evening: Silvio Talamo – producer, songwriter and poet
As a musician he has made a name for himself with a wide range of music, including electro-folk, techno, pop and world music. Living back in Berlin after a long break, his first volume of poetry has just been published in German. Here too he proves to be a versatile, imaginative and cleverly reflective artist who delves deeply into life.
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