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Choir Concert - Masses by Mozart and Schubert

The Konzertchor Schlachtensee is a mixed oratorio choir with a long tradition in Berlin's musical life. At present, about 80 singers of almost all ages sing.

GRAFIK Kirche-Chor
GRAFIK Kirche-Chor © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Concert Choir Schlachtensee

  • Anne Bretschneider - soprano
  • Franziska Markowitsch - alto
  • Magnus Dietrich - tenor
  • Christian Wagner - bass
New Prussian Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Thomas Henni

Works performed:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mass in c (Orphanage Mass)
Franz Schubert: Mass in B flat

Admission: 25 € (reduced 18 €)
Additional information
Auenkirche Wilmersdorf