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Male choir music from six centuries

Male choir music from six centuries with the Saalfeld Vocalists. In 2017, the Saalfeld Vocalists celebrated their thirtieth anniversary. Years full of music, rehearsals and concerts, crowned by concert tours to the USA, Japan and South Africa. As outgrown boys choir members of the "Thüringer Sängerknaben" they had founded their choir as a double quartet in April 1987. At the "Thüringer Sängerknaben", a boys' choir existing in Saalfeld since 1950, they had received their musical education for more than ten years since they were eight years old. Because of this training, their focus is on the interpretation of sacred a cappella choral music. Three- to eight-part male choir literature from Palestrina, Bach, Bruckner, Distler, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Silcher, Otto, Biller and also lesser known composers to contemporary works are part of their repertoire. But they also enjoy singing the literature of the old masters, the Liedertafel period, folk and drinking songs, hits of the Comedian Harmonists and the light muse.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

  • Tickets at 7€, U14 free, available only at the box office from 16.15 h
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