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The Supernova project has set itself the goal of new choral music for church choirs: whoever sings should also compose – whoever composes should also sing

Composers sing in the choir, experiencing the development of their works and the possibilities of choral work. Conversely, choir members are encouraged to write for the ensemble themselves and to make their ideas audible in concert.

A mass composition from the 19th century by Joseph Rheinberger provides the framework for the programme.

Church musicians, singers and experienced laypeople sing in the choir from the Landeskirche Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) and from all over the country.

The director is Almut Stümke, who hopes to be able to publish a small sheet music book with the new choral pieces for the church choirs of the EKBO after the project, so that many church choirs and chamber choirs in the country can sing good new choral music.

When selecting the texts for the new choral music, emphasis was placed on understandable Bible translations and fair texts.

Admission: free
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