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“No intention - just Tourette's,” says Christian Hempel quickly when he moves among people. His tirades of insults and his motor outbursts cannot be controlled. They are reactions to the world in which he moves and challenge it.

For the monologue festival, a solo about the fear of losing control, verbal attacks, Parliament Tourette's and the question of what normality actually is is created from the material from the award-winning work “Chinchilla Asshole, Waswas”. Because Tourette syndrome wants confrontation and attention. This leads to conflict: A neighbor even tried to get a restraining order against Christian. Aspects of communication and being in the world that are less noticeable for many suddenly become visible in a different way. The basic conditions of coexistence and their supposed everydayness are being rearranged.

Making theater with Tourette seems impossible at first glance: no text is safe, no movement can be repeated. The stage technology must be brought to safety and special hotel rooms must be booked. Anything that is not Tourette compatible will be changed. And these changes form a material, at some point form a text, a beginning and an end. How much lack of intention can the theater endure? How much protection can it offer when the stage is set for the opposite: precision, repeatability, control, world history, spectacle?

Relaxed Performance & Early Boarding

As part of the Monologue Festival 2023

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