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The benefit concert by the Gute-Tat foundation on November 27 in the Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonic promises to be a classical treat. So many top-class stars are rarely on stage together - and for a good cause at that.

Holger Wemhoff leads you through an entertaining evening in a relaxed manner, in which classical stars present some of their very personal favorite pieces.

For the fourteenth time, the Gute-Tat Foundation, a long-standing initiator of social commitment, invites you to a thrilling concert experience.

Highlights of this unconventional concert event are guaranteed with pianist Olga Scheps, soprano Katharina Ruckgaber, violist Ruth Killius, trumpeter Simon Höfele, violinist Niklas Liepe and horn player Bar Zemach.

The soloists are accompanied by the Bavarian Chamber Orchestra Bad Brückenau conducted by Johannes Moesus.

With the purchase of your card, you are helping the Gute-Tat Foundation to continue to support over 500 projects in Berlin that require voluntary help.

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Frédéric Chopin and others will be played


  • Olga Scheps, piano
  • Katharina Ruckgaber, soprano
  • Ruth Killius, viola
  • Niklas Liepe, violin
  • Simon Hofele, trumpet
  • Bavarian Chamber Orchestra Bad Brueckenau
  • Johannes Moesus, conductor
Additional information
Participating artists
Olga Scheps
Katharina Ruckgaber
Ruth Killius
Niklas Liepe
Simon Höfele
Bayerisches Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau
Johannes Moesus
Bar Zemach
Staats- und Domchor Berlin