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Inspired by productions from the opera programme, the musicians of the orchestra put together six dramaturgically unusual and moderated programmes that are unparalleled in their musical range in Berlin.

From solo violin to songs to percussion ensemble, from Josquin Desprez to Mozart's "Musical Fun", Dvořák's "American String Quartet" to Shostakovich, Cage and Xenakis, everything will be heard in the special atmosphere of the Tischlerei.

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Participating artists
Nathan Giem (Violine)
Florian Heidenreich (Kontrabass)
Juan Pechuan Ramirez (Oboe)
Yijea Han (Englischhorn)
Chloé Payot (Englischhorn)
Leandra Brehm (Klarinette)
Vedat Okulmus (Fagott)
Martin Wagemann (Trompete)
Thomas Richter (Posaune)
Benedikt Leithner (Schlagzeug)
Björn Matthiessen (Schlagzeug)
Rüdiger Ruppert (Schlagzeug)
Lukas Zeuner (Schlagzeug)
Elda Laro (Klavier)
Kayoko Kobayashi (Klavier)
Artur Garbas (Sprecher)
Manon Gerhardt (Programmgestaltung)
Isabella Homann (Programmgestaltung)
Magdalena Makowska (Programmgestaltung)
Margarethe Niebuhr (Programmgestaltung)