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TALISK & Beth Malcom Duo

Groundbreaking, chart-topping, genre-bending, immediately captivating. TALISK are one of the most sought-after folk bands to emerge from Scotland in the last decade. In addition to extensive tours and appearances at leading festivals on multiple continents, Talisk have received numerous awards for their explosive, energetic and artfully woven sound.

Mohsen Amini, Graeme Armstrong and Benedict Morris fuse concertina, guitar and violin to create an innovative, multi-layered sound that captivates audiences worldwide. At its core, it's three seemingly acoustic instruments in the hands of three masters, resulting in a distinctive, bold sound and a captivating live show. They have released three albums so far and have been awarded 5 stars by music critics.

Singer-songwriter BETH MALCOLM's music is inspired by folk, she sings traditional, modern and self-written Scottish songs. She was named Scottish Female Vocalist of the Year 2023 by BBC MG ALBA. Beth Malcolm has teamed up with outstanding guitarist and vocalist Heather Cartwright to form the Beth Malcolm Duo.

Together they present traditional songs with a fresh perspective and songwriting that deals with topics such as female friendship, growth and life crises. In the spring of 2023, Beth Malcolm released her debut album "Kissed and Cried", which was rated 5 stars by The Scostman: "Beth Malcolm brings passionate devotion to everything she sings, whether her own compositions or others. Judging by this debut, a bright future awaits her."

In cooperation with Showcase Scotland Expo and Scottish Government in Germany.

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