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Chaotic, unstable, alive! The new exchange program of the Zafraan Ensemble with the Bremen ensemble New Babylon attempts to musically explore the complexity of self-organizing structures and the clash of different systems. An evening under the sign of the musical interplay of self-contained units.

At the center is the work "Cells" composed by Hanspeter Kyburz. Inspired by sociologist Niklas Luhman, the piece sweeps us along like life itself, into an interplay of distance and approach and the ceaseless movement of cellular processes.

The clash of self-organized cells and their resulting reorganization will also be the starting point of the two new works by Anna Korsun and Andreas Paparousos. Also the works "DIS-A. (ppearance)" and "Sometimes II" deal in their own way with the clash of different systems: political and gloomy in the case of Ying Wang, poetic and sarcastic in the case of Iris terSchiphorst.

CELLS - Bremen plus Berlin is a cooperation project between the Ensemble New Babylon from Bremen and the Zafraan Ensemble. In the coming years, the ZAFRAAN Ensemble will realize various cooperation projects with regional, national and international ensembles for new music. The aim is to create a different form of exchange in which the ensembles inspire each other over a longer period of time and enter into a relationship with the audience. Further performances on 30.9. in the Sendesaal Bremen and on 2.10. in the Kulturnhalle Leipzig.

This concert is part of Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik 2023.

PROGRAMAnna Korsun (*1986): Neues Werk (2023)Ying Wang (*1976): DIS-A. (ppearance) (2021)Hanspeter Kyburz (*1960): Cells (1993)Iris ter Schiphorst (*1956): Sometimes II (2016/17)Andreas Paparousos (*1975): Neues Werk (2023)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Steffen Ahrens (E-Gitarre)
Elias Brown (Dirigat)
Hannah Craib (Viola)
Horia Dumitrache (Klarinette)
Daniel Eichholz (Perkussion)
Benjamin Fischer (Oboe)
Josa Gerhard (Violine)
Beltane Ruiz Molina (Kontrabass)
Martin Posegga (Saxophon)
Isabelle Raphaelis (Flöte)
Martin Smith (Violoncello)
Johannes von Buttlar (Perkussion)
Mireia Vendrell del Álamo (Klavier/Sampler)