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Take a live band and a DJ, plus three gifted singers from gospel, opera and jazz, twelve professional dancers of #teamSoulDance and three rising stars, five world champions and a Persian who can bend her bones, then a shot of the best dancers in Germany and mix the whole thing with 1001 tea lights.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Candle Light Cocktail
© Robert Beitsch

Finally, the glass is swirled to soul, latin, classical and gospel and presented in 24 haut-couture inspired and tailor-made costumes on the historical stage of the Admiralspalast. Ready is the Candle Light Cocktail. Candle Light Cocktail takes the audience on a journey through the elegance and beauty of couple dancing. From classical traditional dances, English style and great cinema, you will travel on to the reduced part, unadulterated, intimate and full of passion between man and woman.

The show ends in a wild finale, presenting fusions of new dances, group numbers of several couples and modern interpretations of the established ballroom dances. Experience three unique show parts, which conjure up physical peak performances, great emotions, and sophisticated choreographies on the dance floor.

The performance is accompanied by the "Souldance Orchestra", consisting of 12 musicians and four singers under the direction of Genya Ginzburg. The international soprano Sarai Cole and member of the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir Daniel Keeling are among the performers. "Candle Light Cocktail" features world champions, German champions and medal winners, such as the World Cup finalists and Showdance World Champions 2020 Pavel Zvychaynyy and Oxana Lebedew, TV choreographer and international show dancer Anastasia Bodnar, the German champions U21 Latin Mischa Zieger and Penelope Zschäbitz, international soloist Raha Nejad and many others. Also on board: a special guest who takes the show to a whole new level.

The production and artistic direction is in the hands of professional dancer Robert Beitsch, the choreographic direction is in the hands of Janet Marmulla. Every evening a prominent presenter will guide you through the show. The names will be announced later. The presenters will be interpreted in sign language.

The events are run under high hygiene standards.

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