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In "Whiteface," Candice Breitz uses an extensive collection of video footage documenting "white found people talking about race." Voices from prominent political figures, news anchors, talk show hosts, and lesser-known or anonymous YouTubers can be found here.

The work thus reflected various white perspectives, ranging from neo-Nazi ideology and far-right propaganda to everyday racism and the attitude of “good white people”.

Breitz himself appears at work wearing only a white shirt and zombie contact lenses. They swapped out a series of inexpensive blonde wigs during the performance, revealing their own platinum blonde hair. The artist's undisguised appearances alongside the various characters appearing in the piece serve to accept and reveal her own involvement in whiteness.

Though Breitz lip-syncs to convey specific disembodied voices in "Whiteface," targeting specific white individuals is not her primary goal. Rather, she wants to make the state of being white itself visible and criticize it through biting satire.
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