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Chamber concert 5

During the Schall&Rausch Festival, the musicians of the Komische Oper Berlin orchestra will present a special chamber concert in the SchwuZ Queer Club that blurs the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music as well as between pop and classical. The audience can expect a rousing mix of danceable rhythms and chamber music flair, garnished with surprise appearances by special guests.

Who exactly will be performing? This will be a surprise.
Additional information
Participating artists
Deniz Tahberer (Violine)
Ralf Templin (Gitarre)
Arnulf Ballhorn (Kontrabass)
Hendrik Havekost (Schlagzeug)
Frank Schulte (Klavier)
Maria Fiselier (Gesang)
Daniel Daniela Ojeda Yrureta
Kai Chun Chuang
Michael Fernandez