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accompanying program to the exhibition Paris Magnétique. 1905-1940

The cafés of Paris at the time of the École de Paris were not only a fixed meeting place for the painters and sculptors of the European avant-garde; here, different art forms, painting and literature, also met.

Portrait Shelley Harten
Portrait Shelley Harten © Yael Bartana

One of the most outstanding examples of such an encounter is La Prose du Transsibérien et la Petite Jehanne de France from 1913.

The collaborative book project features a long poem by Swiss poet Blaise Cendrars about his journey through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway; the text is surrounded by expressionist-style illustrations by artist Sonia Delaunay-Terk.

The second part of the Café Magnétique event series is dedicated to Cendrars and Delaunay-Terk's artist's book and the many moments of exchange and collaboration within the École de Paris. In a lecture performance, curator Shelley Harten joins a printmaker and an actor to explore the intertwining of migration, the avant-garde, and artistic networks in early 20th-century Paris.

The café-houses of Paris functioned as a daily meeting and gathering place, often the first port of call for new arrivals. They were the living and working rooms of many artists, and essential for the self-organization of migrants in a new, foreign environment: through the cafés, contacts were made, rooms arranged, studios found, exhibitions prepared.

Famous Parisian cafés such as the Café de Dôme in Montparnasse were the hub of the migrant and not least Jewish art scene, which soon became known as the École de Paris. The Café Magnétique series revives the Parisian cafés in the glass courtyard of the JMB and invites visitors to exchange ideas about the École de Paris over food and drinks.
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