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Guided tour with garden district manager Gerhard Klein, SPSG

The picturesque Charlottenburg palace garden on the Spree bend would be unthinkable without water. It feeds the carp pond and the ditches and characterizes the appearance of the historic garden with bridges and bank designs.

During the tour, garden district manager Gerhard Klein presents the system of natural water and addresses other topics relating to the increasingly scarce resource: where does the water required come from? How is water stored? What irrigation systems are there and how do the gardeners deal with the drought? And what actually drives the large fountain on the ground floor?

The tour leads from the castle over the ground floor to the Spree and through the rear part of the castle garden to the weirs on its north-western edge.

Please be prepared for a walk of up to two hours.
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Price: €8.00

Reduced price: €6.00