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Designs – production – conception. by Manfred Speidel (2023 Gebr. Mann Verlag)

From August 1934, the architect Bruno Taut designed everyday objects and furniture. Japanese artisans made these according to his designs and the work plans of his employees. Around 100 design sketches as well as over 200 associated drawings and a large number of finished objects are documented.

What has been handed down is an exuberant creative power in the arts and crafts, which, alongside Taut's architectural work in Germany, ranks as an oeuvre of its own: from household objects and accessories in wood, bamboo and lacquer to fabric patterns, chairs and tables.

Welcome and moderation
Sibylle Hoiman Director of the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts

Manfred Speidel author and book editor


Japanese culture and its traditions today

  • Kazu Blumfeld Hanada architect
  • Winfried Brenne Chairman Bruno Taut Forum
  • Claudia Kanowski Curator Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Manfred Speidel architectural theorist, journalist

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(Program in German)
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